About company

fotoGASTRO-MENU EXPRESS, a.s., was founded in 1998. The beginning of the company dates back to 1998 but the tradition of production, which took place in the original company premises, has been going on for decades. Most of our employees have extensive experience in this field. Many recipes are original and use only high-quality basic ingredients.  Product quality is further enhanced by the skills and professionalism of management and executive employees. Despite hard competition in the market with delicacies the company is able to keep its regular customers, and even continue expanding the product assortment and production volumes.

During its existence the company has gained a significant number of permanent and satisfied customers. The main activity is the production of delicacies and distribution to retail networks. GASTRO-MENU EXPRESS, a.s. has a sophisticated and well-functioning logistics system. The company is using its own refrigeration vehicles and external logistics companies to supply business partners on a daily basis. Goods are distributed to customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

To produce high-quality products the company uses advanced technologies. Finished product packaging is done on advanced automatic production lines. The company also has large-capacity oil storage tanks, mayonnaise production units, large capacity vinegar reservoirs and freezing boxes for fish storage and marinating procedures.

The company gradually modernised its vehicle fleet, and constructed high-quality facilities for production staff. Shipping and manufacturing spaces have undergone significant modernisation. At present the production and support background complies with the strictest hygiene and sanitary standards. Thanks to investments in the past, the company is now able to manufacture all its products under the required quality standards and quantities.

The company heavily invests in high-quality graphic design and product packaging.

 In May 2013 GASTRO-MENU EXPRESS, a.s., took over the production and employees of Rybex, a.s., which led to a significant expansion of production capacity and an increase in production efficiency. This allowed the company to extend its range of fish products significantly. At present, the company offers a wide range of delicacies and fish products, and is able to flexibly respond to market needs and to customer requirements. A wide range of sandwiches and canapés is available for local customers.

High product quality is ensured thanks to strict monitoring of raw ingredients, but also thanks to the professionalism of production workers and modern machinery, including the latest detection technologies used to inspect products during the final stages of the production process.

The company purchases fish directly from producers abroad. Fish are supplied by major companies in Nordic countries such as Denmark and Norway. All suppliers possess MSC certification and observe the standards of sustainable fisheries. Herring fillets are marinated at the company manufacturing plant. Thanks to our own marinating process, and thanks to the fact that the company is able to effect the processing of raw fish, we are able to produce high quality fish products.

The processing of all raw ingredients followed by the actual production is done in the company plant and fully complies with hygienic, sanitary and veterinarian EU requirements. Complying with critical control points during HACCP production, intensive hygiene and sanitation requirements along with strict internal standards, which cover all steps of the production process, guarantees healthy and high-quality products. GASTRO-MENU EXPRESS, a.s. possesses IFS certification.

Today, the company is ready to quickly respond to market needs and comply with market requirements, and to offer their business partners high-quality products and convenient services under favourable business terms. GASTRO-MENU EXPRESS, a.s. currently enjoys an important position in the Czech and Slovak market.